In this article, I will show you how to create a custom Toast that can have a custom layout. Then we end up with some libraries that help us o create different custom Toast messages like success, error, info Toasts, and Etc.

Create a Custom Text for Toast:

The Toast class uses a TextView object for showing a message so that if we have access to it, we will be able to change the text as we want. For getting that TextView object, I use the getView() method of Toast class and as it is a non-static method, we can call it by a Toast object as below:

Now by calling methods for the TextView, we can make it custom:

And our custom Toast will be looking like this:

We can also change the view’s background to red color and the position of the Toast as the below snippet code:

And the custom Toast will be changing like this:

Create a Custom Layout for Toast:

For this approach, we need to design our custom layout for Toast as per below:

And then we are just going to inflate the layout of our whole container views which will be set as the view for that custom Toast:

Let’s see how does it look like 🤩:

Now let’s have a look at the libraries which help us to have a custom Toast as well:

On top of those dependencies, it is the Toasty library which is very easy to use and supports the +14 API level.

Image Source:

And the second one which I recommend is the StyleableToast library. With this one, you can style your toasts either by code or with a style in styles.xml and it supports +16 API level.

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I hope this article was useful to create a custom Toast. Feel free to comment and share it with others 🙌🏽.

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